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To really understand what Hemp is, you need to first know very well what Cannabis is. There are three main varieties of Cannabis: Indica, Ruderalis and Sativa. Hemp is many different the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabis has 60 Cannabinols. Cannabinols are the active substances in Cannabis and THC being one of those. THC is the Cannabinol that gets you high. Hemp is the same plant as Cannabis Sativa minus the THC. Is simply because it features a long thick stalk, the reason why the Sativa strain was utilized to help make the Hemp variety. The outer fiber in the stalk is utilized to make paper and clothing as well as the inner hurd for building materials. The Indica strain would not be very beneficial for these purposes as it is a little bushy plant.

What is hemp

Hemp originated in Central Asia and spread to Europe, China and India and eventually The United States. It is considered that Cannabis has been around for an incredible number of years. For longer than ten thousand years Cannabis has been utilized for medicine, and food. The history of Hemp goes back to 8000 BC in which the Chinese used Hemp to help make paper and textiles. Chinese People were the initial people to discover the medical ways to use Hemp/Cannabis. Cannabis is called Mai become the Chinese meaning plant with two forms or two sexes. Back even and then today, Hemp is utilized for medical, religious and social practices. Every single day new uses of Cannabis and Hemp are discovered.

Hemp fiber is the strongest and the softest natural fiber on the planet. Hemp is better than cotton in every way possible. Hemp yields way more product then cotton and much less land must grow Hemp. Hemp will not need harsh chemicals to develop it. Hemp is naturally disease and mold resistant. Chinese People were the first one to learn the skill of paper making. Paper was invented by the ancient Chinese in the 2nd century BC and was spread slowly to the West. The U.S Declaration of Independence was written on Hemp paper. Before we had synthetic, petrochemicals and plastics drugs, Hemp was applied to make the products. Hemp was even utilized to make bio fuel as well as other products.Hemp fiber

Christopher Columbus brought Hemp seeds from Europe to The United States in case they got ship wrecked in the process, the crew could have a food source to reside from and grow crops around the island. Christopher Columbus traded using the local Indians and provided all of them with Hemp seeds to develop crops. In colonial American Hemp was important to survival.

Before the 1930s Hemp oil extracts were utilised to treat everything from menstrual cramps to migraine headaches as well as cancer. Hemp is building a huge come back…again, as people learn of their natural usages and that the plant is not really an evil and scary thing as people were led to have confidence in the 40s and 30s, by U.S. led propaganda. The U.S. banned Hemp and Cannabis production in the 1930s because Hemp is in direct competition with greedy industrialists. Hemp threatened the pharmaceutical, oil, paper and textile industries.

The very first Ford production car was originally made to operate on fuel produced from Hemp as well as the plastics

were produced from Hemp. Hemp plastic is 10 times stronger than steel and doesn’t buckle like steel does. Plastic today is principally petro chemicals EI: refined oil from your ground. There are various kinds of hemp plastic; from standard plastics reinforced with hemp fibers, to your 100% hemp plastic made entirely from your hemp plant. Hemp fibers have the plastic stronger requiring less oil being used and much less pollution.

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New ways to use Hemp are now being discovered often. Today bodybuilders are switching to Hemp protein powder as it is pure without chemicals. Hemp protein is normally the left overs from pressing the oil out from the Hemp seeds. This process presses the oil from the seed rather than using chemicals to extract the oil, by doing this the merchandise remains pure. Houses are made of Hemp lime and fiber to make a concrete like wall structure. Sound proofing and fire retardant insulation can be made from Hemp fibers. Hemp is also made it’s way into the high performance sports car manufacturing. The Lotus Elise body panels are being made from Hemp fiber because the material is lightweight and strong.

Hemp seeds contain all of the necessary components for human life. Hemp is high in protein and possesses all nine from the essential aminos. Hemp is rich in Omega essential fatty acids and has vitamin trace and E minerals. Every area of the Hemp plant is edible, the leaves and stems, the flowers and seeds. Consuming Hemp oil is the simplest way to get all the advantages of the plant. The oil is pressed out of the seeds using “cold press” technology, in this way, the oil and it also nutrients are preserved. Currently many manufactures of seed oil (soybean) use chemicals to extract the oil.

Hemp UsesHemp is easily the most non-toxic plant in the world. Hemp oil is the ideal natural moisturizer there is. I have used Hemp oil as a moisturizer myself. The primary benefit I noticed was that Hemp oil generally seems to lift dead skin away from healthy skin, with no requirement to exfoliate your skin as Hemp does it all for you. Hemp oil is a natural anti inflammatory and a natural antibiotic when consumed orally. When Hemp oil or Hemp Hearts are consumed every day it will also help with a variety of health issues.

Below is a short listing of aliments that Cannabis and Hemp have been found to have a beneficial affect on…

addiction, allergies and Acne Alzheimer’s disease, angina (chest pain), angioedema (swelling beneath the skin),antidepressant and arthritis, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anxiety prevention, appetitestimulant and asthma, migraine headaches, spinal cord injury, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autoimmune diseases, bipolar disorder (mental disorder), blood thinner, bronchodilation (widens airways and eases breathing), burns, cancer (all sorts of cancer including skin cancer), candidiasis (candida albicans), circulation improvement,cough and constipation, detoxification (removal of toxins), diabetes, digestive aid, diuretic (improves urine flow), dystonia (muscle disorder), energymetabolic process and fatigue, gastric acid secretion stimulation (increases stomach acid), general health maintenance, genitourinary tract disorders (disorders of the reproductive and urinary systems), the growth of hair promoter, heart problems, high blood pressure, hormone regulation, immune suppression, increased muscle tissue, increasing breast milk, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), intermittent claudication (pain in arms or legs as a result of inadequate oxygen), interstitial cystitis (bladder disorder), irregular heartbeat, leukemia (cancer of blood cells), lipid lowering (cholesterol and triglycerides), liver protection, lymph flow enhancement, menopausal symptoms, muscle vomiting, relaxation and nausea, nerve disorders, neural tube defects (birth defects), osteoporosis (bone loss), painful labor, menstruation and pregnancy, psychosis, rheumatism (joint disease), sedative, sexual performance, skin conditions, stomach spasms, stroke, tendonitis, uterine stimulant, varicose veins, ascorbic acid deficiency, weight gain (patients with HIV or cancer), wound healing.

Hemp cultivation is banned in the United States however the rest of the world marches on with it’s use. Hemp cultivation and production is wide spread throughout the remainder of the world. The Usa is definitely the only industrialized nation on the planet that fails to cultivate Hemp.